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Catholic Foundation of West Central Wisconsin $3,000,000

The Catholic Foundation of West Central Wisconsin was established with great care and vision to ensure that the needs – both physical and spiritual – of the Catholic community will never be overlooked. This Foundation, initiated with both clergy and lay leadership, was created for the ability to assist every Catholic ministry in the Diocese including parishes, schools, social service agencies and health care facilities, seminarians, priests, deacons, and religious, so that they may continue to flourish and serve the people of God.

The primary goals of the Foundation are to:

  • Create a safe, well-managed vehicle to support charitable giving that will grow and endure perpetually, thus developing an attractive way for individuals and families to leave a legacy.
  • Develop individual institutional and personal endowments managed by the Catholic Foundation, maximizing investment returns and reducing management fees.
  • Expand the scope of investment in the mission by engaging other foundations willing to support the institutions and ministries of the Diocese.

Utilizing the initial $3,000,000 to fund the Catholic Foundation of West Central Wisconsin will:

  • Provide the infrastructure for initial investments and managed funds that will be used to provide grants to parishes in need, thus immediately investing in the mission and providing living examples to the faithful of how their philanthropy to the Foundation can transform and impact Catholic communities throughout the Diocese.

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